What worries you?

Getting an Interview

"I am worried if I could even get my foot in the door (get an interview offer)"

Passing the Case Interview

"I am confident about getting an interview, but worried about passing the interview"


"I am worried about my ability to get an interview and to get an offer."

95% of Our Clients Get At Least 1 Interview

Here's How You Do It...

  • Understand what consulting firms look for when recruiters screen your resume and cover letter so you can avoid common mistakes that get over 50% of candidates rejected.
  • Learn the four elements that every successful resume and cover letters have and how to include them in your own.
  • Master a process for turning your resume and cover letter from just another piece of paper among a stack of thousands to one that will rise to the top of the pile and land you interviews at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other firms.
  • Learn to turn your weaknesses into interview opportunities as you learn to overcome common rejection points such as a low GPA, coming from a non-target school, or being out of school for too long.
  • Learn a networking strategy that has landed our clients interviews even when they had a 2.9 GPA, came from a non-target public state school, or have been out of school for 10 years.
  • Work one-on-one with a team of former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG recruiters who have screened thousands of applications and determined the 5% who got interviews and the 95% who didn’t.
  • Learn the insider secrets such as which offices are “easier” to get interviews at, how to turn a referral into an interview opportunity, and how to make sure your resume is consulting-ready.

No Other Service, Website, or Organization Has The Expertise and Track Record We Do

We are the only team in the world with former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG recruiters with decades of experience across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. We've worked with clients to land interviews on every continent with a consulting office.

Ex-McKinsey Recruiter with 18 Years of Experience

Ex-Bain Recruiter with 21 Years of Experience

Ex-BCG Recruiter with 10 Years of Experience

Don't Waste Your Opportunity

  • Stop worrying what your application is missing and get straight answers from people who actually decided who got interviews and who didn’t.

  • Save time from wondering what a winning resume or cover letter looks like – get access to winning resume and cover letters that have landed interviews and learn how you can mimic their success.
  • No more cold emailing dozens of people on LinkedIn and getting no response. Learn a system for networking that turns people you don’t know today into people who will help you get an interview tomorrow.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

[Name Withheld], Low GPA, Non-Target School

"I wanted an interview with Bain, but I didn't think I had a chance, coming from a non-target school with a 3.1 GPA. I learned about Davis and his method from Reddit (of all places) and decided I had nothing to lose. After working on my resume and networking plan, I got the call from Bain to be interviewed. And the next week, I drove 3 hours to the nearest Bain office to have my interview. I honestly know I couldn't have made this happen on my own. What you learn by working with Davis is just gold."

Patrick, Out of School, Attended Non-Target School, Accounting

"Working with Davis was the best decision I've made outside of marrying my wife. My career goal was to just have my foot in the door at a major consulting firm, but having graduated from a non-target school and working in a non-consulting field, I felt the odds were against me. I trusted Davis and his process and within 5 months - I had 5 interviews at my top firms and ended up getting offers from my top two."

[Name Withheld], Low GPA, No Business Experience

"Coming into my senior year, I had a 2.9 GPA and my past internships were research related, not consulting or even business. Davis and his team believed in me and I trusted their process. His team worked with me on multiple drafts and even after, answered my questions. I ended up with interviews at all three firms and others. It is all because of Davis, this team, and this program."

Have Your Application Worked On By Us

We will make sure by the time you submit your application, you won't get rejected for the common and avoidable mistakes like thousands of other candidates

Our Clients Learn A Proven System To Solve Cases And Turn Interviews Into Job Offers

  • Learn a case method used by clients with less than 3 days to prepare and who landed offers at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other firms.

  • Learn how to create unique frameworks for your cases instead of getting rejected because you used a generic framework you read and copied from a book.

  • Don’t just learn how to build frameworks and solve cases, learn how to think, act, and communicate like a consultant so you aren't just prepared for the case and fit interviews but also for the actual job.

  • Work with a team of former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG consultants who have worked with undergraduates, MBAs, Advanced Degrees, and Experienced Hires to land jobs at top consulting firms.

  • Gain access to a private community to case partners of other clients who are serious about getting consulting offers

Our Case Coaches Have A 85%+ Success Rate

Most clients come in with little to zero casing experience. Your coach works with you 1-on-1 to make sure your case & fit skills are interview ready in the fastest time possible

Ex-McKinsey, Stanford MBA

Post-McKinsey: Private Equity

Ex-Bain, Harvard MBA

Post-Bain: Social Impact

Ex-BCG, Cambridge MBA

Post-BCG: Startup

What You Gain

  • Cut your prep time down and get those hours back to enjoy your life instead of spending every minute case prepping.
  • Be matched with case partners who are equally as motivated as you are so you aren’t spending hours finding case partners of questionable quality who might or might not show up after you spend an afternoon scheduling a time.
  • Learn to identify and avoid the common mistakes that get candidates rejected even after they spend hundreds of hours preparing and casing for their one shot.
  • Have a go-to source to get real answers to your question about how the interview process REALLY works instead of getting conflicting opinions from random people on the interview who never worked in consulting.
  • Feel supported every step of the way as someone keeps you accountable to your prep, answers all your questions, and checks in on you before and after each interview.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Joseph - 2 Weeks - Associate at McKinsey

"I started working with Davis after passing my first round with a lot of feedback on areas I needed to work on. Davis created a plan for me and for two weeks we addressed all the areas until they were no longer holding me back. The McKinsey Partners who interviewed me gave me an offer the same day."

[Withheld] - 1 Weekend - AC Intern at Bain

"On Thursday, I found out I had an interview with Bain on Monday. I found out about Davis from a friend on Thursday and enrolled to work with Davis on Friday. After a weekend of intense prep with Davis and 2 rounds of interviews later, I received my Bain offer."

Daniel - 1 Week - Consultant at BCG

"I was introduced to Davis from a case partner. After meeting Davis, I immediately started working with him and his team. I was expecting to have many sessions together, but after hearing about where I needed to improve, Davis built a program for me and after just 1 session focused on where I needed help, told me I was good enough to get an offer. I got the offer the following week."

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